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Welcome to Isokan U.I, a thriving community of believers committed to the pursuit of spiritual growth, fellowship, and impactful service. Our journey is rooted in the unwavering foundation of faith, and we invite you to explore the essence of who we are.

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C&S Unification UI's History

The University of Ibadan (UI) Campus Fellowship of the Cherubim and Seraphim Church Unification Campus Fellowship is a major pillar of the Church worldwide.

It was the third chapter to be set up in Nigeria. The first chapter was at University of Ife, Ile-Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University) in 1980. It was followed three years later by a second chapter at Ogun State University, Ago Iwoye (now Olabisi Onabanjo University) in about September 1983

The University of Ibadan chapter was established a year later in December, 1984

How It All Started

The vision of the church (chapter) was conceived by the Cherubim & Seraphim students from the University of Ife. It was the central leadership of the church (referred to as Leaders In Council / ‘LIC’) and led by Apostle / Prophet Moses Olusegun Rufai who later became the ‘Leader In Charge’ of the church that came for the church planting in UI 

During the first week of December 1984 (precisely Tuesday 4th December), the leadership of the church under the instructions of the Holy Spirit and led by Apostle/Prophet M.O Rufai came with some brethren from Ife to the University of Ibadan to mobilize the C & S students on campus to start a fellowship. The entourage included the following brothers (Peter Osunde, Revd. Ajibade Adeyemo, Akinsola, Charles & Scott) 

about isokan ui
about isokan

This team from University of Ife did not have any contact on ground at the University of Ibadan. Their mission was simply to plant a fellowship and draw the attention of C & S students on campus to the mission. They deployed a strategy with the use of cardboard banners placed conspicuously in various locations on campus

Amazingly, this team from Ife also came to the University of Ibadan with some materials for the early start of the church. These included mat, altar table and incense burner which were kept with sister Anne Osunde, the immediate senior sister of bro. Peter Osunde, she was also a member of the Ife team that came to the University of Ibadan campus 

The 7-man team from Ife had to personally place the banners around the campus. Fortunately, they ran into brother Kingsley Adesehinwa who saw them doing this great job. He exchanged pleasantries and interaction with the team and was also of help in advising the team on the best ways to place the banners around the campus. He also assisted to keep some of the church properties brought by the Ife church planting team at Bello Hall 

Isokan UI's Past & Present

Our Covenant Song

Verse 1

Ọlọ́run tó ń gbórí ìtẹ́

Títóbi rẹ ti pọ̀ tó 

Ìwọ tí o dá ọ̀run

To tún d’ohun inú rẹ̀

Ọlọ́run tó tóbi jù 

Ọlọ́run alágbára 

Ìwọ to dá ènìyàn 

Ní àwòrán ara rẹ 

Verse 2

Pápá ń jó, ìgbẹ́ kò run

Iṣẹ́ ọwọ́ rẹ mà ni

Ọlọ́run tó ti jókòó 

L’órí ìtẹ́ ayérayé 

Tó sì fi ayé wa yìí 

Ṣe àpótí ìtìsẹ rẹ̀

Ọlọ́run tó tóbi jù 

Ọlọ́run alágbára

Verse 3

Àwọn áńgẹ́l’ ń kọrin ‘yìn 

Balógun ọba àwọn ọba 

Kíkan làwọn Kérúbù

Àti Séráfù ń yìn ọ́

Ọlọ́run tó tóbi jù

Ọlọ́run alágbára 

Ìwọ tó dá èniyàn

Ní àwòrán ara rẹ

Meet the Steering committee

Behind the vibrant and flourishing community of Isokan U.I stands a dedicated group of individuals committed to steering our fellowship toward spiritual growth, unity, and impactful service. Get to know the faces and hearts of our esteemed Steering Committee – a team of leaders passionate about guiding our community on its journey of faith.

isokan ui president

Olaniyan Matthew Olayinka


Vice President 2023/2024

Ademola Oyelusi

Vice President

Chapter Secretary

Adedapo Adegbite

General Secretary

Assistant Chapter Secretary

Oluwatunmise Adeyemi

Asst General Secretary

Sisters' Co-ordinator

Olubanke Taiwo

Sisters’ Co-ordinator

Financial secretary

Oluwatomisin Agboola

Financial secretary

Publicity Secretary

Eniikeoluwa Adetokunboh

Publicity Secretary

Choir coordinator

Ayoku Adelaja

Choir coordinator

Bible Study coordinator

Kehinde Ogundeyi

Bible Study coordinator

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At Isokan U.I, our mission is to create a space where individuals can encounter the transformative power of God’s love, fostering spiritual growth, community engagement, and a deepened connection with our Creator. We are dedicated to living out the teachings of Christ, impacting lives within and beyond our community.

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